Monday, February 24, 2014


Hi!  Bonjour!  ¡Hola!  My name is Marie-Odile ...(lots of other ethnic names in between)... Benford.  At the risk of having my first name butchered, I just go by Marie  :)

I teach high school French and Spanish at ISM.  I'm always on the lookout for creative, user-friendly tech tools to enhance and vary class content and delivery, but I rarely have the time to learn how to use them all! I'm looking forward to focusing on a few new tools and learning from others, through this course.

I love El Nido!  Its eco-diversity, crystal blue waters and pristine, white sand beaches lying in stark contrast with its steep limestone cliffs make this an easy favorite!  The fact that it has been the only vacation my husband and I have taken without our (wonderful) kids, in the last 3 years, may also have something to do with the euphoric nostalgia I feel whenever I think of beautiful, idyllic El Nido!

Thanks for taking the time to technify us!